Tango Ten Media LLC is pleased to offer HangarSphere.  The HangarSphere family consists of a tablet-based publication and website blog. Together, they offer aviation’s first and only media presence dedicated to offering exclusive content related to all topics related to your aircraft’s most important and most overlooked accessory:  your hangar.

HangarSphere encompasses all items relating to your personal T-hangar, corporate hangar, FBO/MRO/airline facility, and military air base.  Learn about architectural design, construction methods, construction materials, hangar doors, heating and cooling, essential ground support equipment, fuel farms and accessories, safety, security, floor coatings, lighting, alternative energy solutions, building codes, construction costs, lease rates, regulations, vendor profiles, product reviews and much, much more.

HangarSphere’s mission is actually two-part.  The second part is to share and promote the lifestyle found within residential airparks and within hangar complexes all around the world.  As children, you may remember receiving a gift where the packaging was more entertaining than the actual item inside.  HangarSphere embraces this phenomenon as we all realize that the hangar is sometimes even more magical than the aircraft inside.

The hangar is a place where we live outside the normal rank and file, a place of business, and a place of learning.  It supports a unique culture that embraces family and promotes fun, community, and camaraderie.  Most importantly the hangar is a place where the craft of storytelling still thrives and history continues to live. All of these facets serve as the quintessential core of 

We welcome you to the HangarSphere community:  your first and only resource dedicated to your hangar and the aviation lifestyle found within.

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Lars Jensen, ATP


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