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Hangar Floor Protection – How to avoid tire marks

Tire Stain Painted FloorYou just landed and rushed to get the airplane in the hangar due to a quickly approaching thunderstorm. Your flight plan is closed, all your post-flight inspections are complete, the aircraft is back in the hangar, the hangar door is closed, your belongings have been transferred from your aircraft to your car, and you are off to catch dinner with your family and friends. Life is good … so you think.

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HangarPad Review – Something to tie you over

January 29, 2014

Welcome to our newly formatted website. The Blog is the foundation of this site and will greatly complement HangarSphere Magazine. As the website continues to spool up, you will begin to see HangarSphere and out content everywhere on the web. Here are some images of some amazing aircraft hangars to get you started.

And, of course, HangarSphere will discuss more than just cool looking hangars. We will discuss every attribute related to your FBO/MRO facility, Corporate Flight Department, and your residential airpark home. If it is within the atmosphere of the hangar, we are talking about it.