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Aviation Lifestyle – Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon Review Aviation LifestyleWhiskey.

While growing up, I always associated this word with two things:  John Wayne Westerns and my grandfather. Ernest Alfred Jensen had many passions in life. The most obvious was his wife, Helen, followed by family, church, tennis, and his nightly guilty pleasure of enjoying one Manhattan during dinner (or two if we were partaking in our large and frequent family gatherings!) Continue reading Aviation Lifestyle – Bulleit Bourbon

HangarStarts – Ram Buildings Finds A Foothold In Flying Cloud

First New Hangars At Flying Cloud Airport Built By Ram BuildingsFlying Cloud Airport (KFCM) just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, has recently completed a series of airport improvements that include lengthening of runways and site development for the construction of over 40 hangars. Continue reading HangarStarts – Ram Buildings Finds A Foothold In Flying Cloud

HangarStarts – MQ-9 Repears Find A Hangar

MQ-9 Reaper Hangar Fort DrumFort Drum, New York is home to a new hangar measuring nearly 13,000 square feet. The hangar will be the base for the MQ-9 aircraft. Initial design concepts began in 2008 with ground breaking taking place several years later in the fall of 2012. Continue reading HangarStarts – MQ-9 Repears Find A Hangar

RampTrack-Reducing Hangar Rash

Protecting Aircraft From Hangar Rash With RampTrackThe war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan has introduced unanticipated tactical challenges. One of the biggest challenges has been to detect and avoid Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Advancements in technology have aided that effort on the front lines and derivatives of that same technology can now be seen protecting aircraft on the ramp and in the hangar from accidental damage while aircraft are under tow or chocked in place (A.K.A. Hangar Rash). Continue reading RampTrack-Reducing Hangar Rash

A Closer Look At The Engineered Metal Building Industry

Promega-Hangar-Kraemer-BrothersThe engineered metal building industry is large, is complex, involves multi-national corporations, includes small mom and pops, and spans every small, medium, and large company in between. At first glance of the industry, one’s eyes may glaze over as if looking into the cockpit of a 747 for the first time. Even the name of the industry is reason for intimidation as it has morphed from Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PESB), to Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB), and now appears it will settle on a simpler term, Engineered Metal Buildings (EMB). With the name of the industry settled (for now), we are free to gain a closer look and gain a lay understanding of this monolithic industry. Continue reading A Closer Look At The Engineered Metal Building Industry