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Hangar Accessories That Assist In Day-To-Day Operations

Basic Considerations When Selecting A Hangar Door

Image Courtesy of Megadoor

Hangar doors. They are the subject of deep debate and often the source of much pain and frustration. We’ve all asked the questions…

  • What type of door should I get?
  • Should the door face the sun?
  • What’s better, bi-fold, rolling, or hydraulic?
  • How tall should the opening be?
  • Why can’t I get my door open?
  • Why are the floor guides for the sliding doors so high?

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HangarTech-Switchbox Dials Up The Heat

Aircraft Remote PreheaterThe original concept and design of the Switchbox came about because pilot Phillip Angert wanted to remotely turn on the aircraft pre-heat system without having to physically arrive at the hangar 2-3 hours prior to take-off just to plug in the plane. A system such as this eliminated just that. The Switchbox is essentially “a smart power outlet” that can receive external commands via cell phone to turn on or turn off any device plugged into the outlet. Continue reading HangarTech-Switchbox Dials Up The Heat

2014 HangarSphere Holiday Gift Guide

MotoArtTop Holiday Gifts With Attitude AND Altitude

Great For The Hangar, The Office, & The Home

Like most of us, right about now you’re probably looking for something “different” to give as a holiday gift. If you’re a commercial operation such as an FBO, maybe you’re pondering the 2015 budget to see what’s needed for the upcoming year. If you’re an aviator with a hangar or hangar/home shopping for that special someone or possibly treating yourself, I may have taken a little of the legwork out of this dilemma with the suggestions below. The range is vast to meet most every budget from frugal to flamboyant with a balanced emphasis on functionality which is often thrown out of the window during the holiday season. And best of all, some of the companies included will provide a discount for HangarSphere readers if you use the code HS2014. Continue reading 2014 HangarSphere Holiday Gift Guide

Duncan Aviation: A Campus Is Born

Duncan Aviation New Hangar Lincoln NebraskaIt was the summer of 1999 and I was enjoying my new career as a corporate pilot in a Falcon 10. One early summer morning on a red-eye flight from Long Beach, California to the Midwest, the owner of the aircraft tapped us on the shoulder and said, “let’s divert to Lincoln to check the status on our 20.” The Falcon 20 was a new addition to our fleet and was undergoing an upgrade to its engines and interior. Keep in mind, this was a surprise visit to the headquarters of Duncan Aviation at 2:30 in the morning…….They didn’t miss a beat. Continue reading Duncan Aviation: A Campus Is Born

Airport Fuel Farm: Buying An Asset, Not A Liability

Private Hangar Fuel FarmFuel farms and delivery system infrastructure is the foundation of FBO revenue. In addition, dedicated fuel systems are a growing part of corporate flight departments and multi-unit hangar developments across the country. If you are in a position where you may be purchasing an FBO, corporate flight facility, or hangar development all with some level of fueling infrastructure, then it is up to you to determine the health and inspection status of that system. A faulty or inefficient system can strip you of revenues and even become your greatest liability if not proactively managed. Continue reading Airport Fuel Farm: Buying An Asset, Not A Liability