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A Review Of Hangars That Have Been Designed To Meet The Business And Lifestyle Needs Of Its Owners

The Best Kept Secret In The Sierras

Pine, Mountain, Lake, Airpark, BenzingThe best kept secret in the Sierras:  Pine Mountain Lake Airpark (PML), located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the town of Groveland, California, is known for its temperate climate and statistically averages 300 days of sunshine a year.  Having built a home on the runway in the 80’s and resided there for 8 1/2 years, I can confirm those statistics are accurate.  Since then it has grown and is now home to aviation legends and airshow pilots whose names include Clay Lacy, Wayne Handley, Melissa and Rex Pemberton and the owners of the log cabin home featured in this article, airshow performer Vicky Benzing and her husband Jeff. Continue reading The Best Kept Secret In The Sierras

Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

One oFully Connected Airpark Homef my favorite things I get to do with HangarSphere is discover. The second home built at Dave LeRoux’s Discovery Trail Farm Airpark could not have lived up to that statement and the name of the airpark any better. After learning all about the airport and the history of the airpark’s development to date, Dave introduced me to Paul and Mary Kuntz. They were the first to purchase a lot and build their version of perfection. The home’s design is key as it takes into account a multitude of design requirements based upon personal style, functionality, structural requirements, orientation of the lot, and even the surrounding fields and mountains in the distance. Continue reading Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

HangarPad Review: Texas Meets Frank Lloyd Wright

HangarPad Review Frank Lloyd Wright Meets TexasIt’s been a couple years since our visit with Jim and Susie Awalt of Lago Vista, Texas and profiling their hangar home in our HangarPad Review. I readily admit their hangar, with its creature comforts and furnishings, still rates as one of the top hangars HangarSphere has had the privilege to review. We’ve come across another hangar home that matches the same level of thoughtful design, function, and execution and we are pleased to present it here. Continue reading HangarPad Review: Texas Meets Frank Lloyd Wright

HangarPad Review – “Trish” Horn, A Master In Space Utilization

Hangar-Mezzanine-LoftTucked away in the southeast corner of Midwest airport is a hangar owned by “Trish” Horn. Relatively new to the pilot community earning her Private just five years ago, she has quickly established herself as one of her airport’s most enthusiastic aviators. She and her husband own 1947 and 1950 Ercoupes, a 2002 Cirrus SR22 and are eagerly awaiting arrival of their amphibious ICON A5. In July 2010, she and her husband purchased a 10-year-old hangar to facilitate their growing fleet of aircraft and planned an incredible renovation.

Continue reading HangarPad Review – “Trish” Horn, A Master In Space Utilization

HangarPad Review – Cam-A-Lot Of The West In Atlas, IL

Cameron-Brown-Ryan-Luecke“Flyover Country.” This is the name given to the Midwest by our east and west coast counterparts. The name doesn’t possess any negative connotation but it does a great job describing a part of the United States that is crisscrossed by countless transcontinental flights connecting our coastal populations. A large number of these individuals may never see this part of the country. And for those that do, it may only be from behind a car window along our sterile interstate system. Continue reading HangarPad Review – Cam-A-Lot Of The West In Atlas, IL