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Hangar Insurance – What to know before the storm

Aircraft-Protection-Thunderstorm-HangarAs you progress through life, your personal wealth increases as does your risk to lose it all. Fortunately, various types of insurance exist to protect your physical and monetary assets. Your insurance portfolio may begin with a small life insurance policy that was purchased for you by a grandparent. As the years tick by, that policy will be joined by auto insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and possibly a complementary spread of other policies designed to protect you, your family, and livelihood. Add an airplane and hangar and perhaps an aircraft service center into the mix and it’s just another layer of the onion you have to manage and protect. Continue reading Hangar Insurance – What to know before the storm

Part I: Aurora State Airport And The K.I.S.S Theory

Hangar-Aurora-State-Airport-Fee-SimpleI’ve learned a lot from my father both personally and professionally. Having retired from UAL in 2002 after 37 years in the cockpit, I continue to enjoy listening to his stories relating to the Golden Age of Aviation, his numerous DC-8 charter flights to Vietnam, oil embargos, deregulation, hostile takeovers, Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers, pilot strikes, and the evolution from three-man cockpits and steam gauges to male/female crews of two and state-of-the-art “glass” avionics. But through all the stories and experiences he continues to share, there is one motif: The K.I.S.S Theory. Continue reading Part I: Aurora State Airport And The K.I.S.S Theory

Building A Hangar? Remember This Dirty Word…”Compromise”

Hangar Site Land ImprovementPoliticians, it appears, have no room for compromise. Yet it is an inescapable element of politics, marriage, business, and even leisure. And as far as I can tell, compromise exists in even simpler things, too, like building a hangar.  Continue reading Building A Hangar? Remember This Dirty Word…”Compromise”

Airport Self Sustainability

Airport Self SustainabilityNaivety. Believe it or not, can be an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs. If you were to ask anyone who has started a business to recount the highs and lows of their first few years, I’m sure many would state, “If I knew it was going to be this hard, I wouldn’t have done it.” This is true regardless of how well one researched and executed their business plan. I’m not a psychologist but healthy levels of naivety might actually protect us from our fears and help drive us forward. Continue reading Airport Self Sustainability

Hangar Heating – Doors Up, Dollars Out!

Steel Hangar Lein ToPre-flighting and climbing into a warm airplane in the dead of winter is a luxury that many hangar owners and renters can only dream about. However, a heated hangar is essential for service center providers, aircraft management companies, and FBOs as their operation would be impossible without it. Regardless of who you are, the cost of keeping your hangar warm 24/7 or just a few days at a time is a cost that must always be in the forethought of your mind. Continue reading Hangar Heating – Doors Up, Dollars Out!