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New Editorial Contributors Join HangarSphere

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Your Business Your Lifestyle Your Hangar

HangarSphere is proud to announce the addition of two new editorial contributors, Stephen Clark and Ramona Cox. Together, they bring years of aviation experience from a wide variety of backgrounds and will help deliver a full spectrum of hangar related content including hazardous material handling and storage, hangar environment, aircraft cleaning, airpark development and HangarPad reviews. Please welcome them to the Sphere. Continue reading New Editorial Contributors Join HangarSphere

Bring Common Sense Back To The FAA

US Flag Standard Equipment For Hangar
Must I really remove my US Flag from my Hangar?

Attention all readers of HangarSphere magazine and blog. Be sure to add your input to the national dialogue regarding the rules as to what you can keep in your rented and privately owned hangar at airports that accept Federal funding and must abide by their grant assurances.

Under current rules, non-aviation items are not permitted in your hangar. Although written, these rules have been ignored by airport authorities, managers, and tenants and for good reason. This particular rule makes no sense and only a few cases of outlandish abuse have taken place. If enforced, this means your bicycle used to get to your friends hangar three hangar alleys over, your golf cart outfitted as a tug, and even your American Flag must be removed from your hangar. This will affect corporate flight departments, FBOs, T-hangar renters, and even private hangars built on leased airport land. For more in-depth information, please read this blog post.

Here is the link for you to add your input.!submitComment;D=FAA-2014-0463-0538 You have until September 5th!

Jim Campbell’s Aero News Network Interviews HangarSphere

HangarSphere Aero News Network Jim Campbell InterviewOn a fairly mild day while exhibiting in Hangar B at EAA’s AirVenture last year, a familiar face stopped by. It was none other than Jim Campbell along with his full camera crew. Now I’ve had many sim sessions while training for the airlines but nothing makes me sweat more than being in front of the camera. Continue reading Jim Campbell’s Aero News Network Interviews HangarSphere