HangarSphere Updates iOS and Android Tablet Apps

Aircraft Hangar MagazineThank you all for remaining dedicated readers of HangarSphere Magazine. The last three years have been an amazing ride and I look forward to bringing more utility and features to the magazine interface and to its content.

HangarSphere is well underway with continued growth and positioning within the aviation industry and prides itself with being aviation’s first and only aviation magazine and blog dedicated to aircraft hangars, support facilities, and the lifestyle within.

If you are reading this, you are witnessing one of our major upgrades – the HangarSphere blog. The previous website was not pulling its weight so the entire site was disposed of and recreated as a blog. The magazine will remain the launchpad for new content and then that same content will be rereleased via this blog. This will benefit all readers as content will be searchable on the web through advanced SEO. Almost all content from the magazine will then be consumable on the web via a standard browser in addition to the iPad and Android tablet app. Of course, the most enjoyable method of consuming editorial will be through the HangarSphere app.

Our second major upgrade is the user-interface of the HangarSphere app. The layout is simpleHangarSphere App Store Layout and streamlined and launches much faster when opened for the first time. You will see more widgets and tricks within the magazine itself. The greatest advancement is that the Android and iOS apps are now on par with one another.

In addition to the blog, HangarSphere is on the verge of becoming available as a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. The interface will be streamlined and all articles will follow a standardized format as much as possible.

Thank you for being a dedicated reader of HangarSphere. I truly hope it has helped influence you in the design, construction, management of your hangar, FBO, corporate flight facility, and/or airpark home. Please share the link to this blog and app with everyone in your aviation circles.

Warm regards,

Lars Jensen, ATP   Founder