HangarTech-Switchbox Dials Up The Heat

Aircraft Remote PreheaterThe original concept and design of the Switchbox came about because pilot Phillip Angert wanted to remotely turn on the aircraft pre-heat system without having to physically arrive at the hangar 2-3 hours prior to take-off just to plug in the plane. A system such as this eliminated just that. The Switchbox is essentially “a smart power outlet” that can receive external commands via cell phone to turn on or turn off any device plugged into the outlet.

The original design was a success as many Cirrus and Bonanza drivers were quick to adopt the system. Additional comments and suggestions came in from the early adopters and a new version was quickly developed that utilized a smartphone app. Through this app, one’s phone could now control not just one but multiple Switchbox units. Through a user-friendly app interface, one is able to label specific outlets and turn on/off any device plugged into the Switchbox or Switchboxes with the swipe of a finger.SB1-1


Customers now have the flexibility to turn on the aircraft engine’s preheat system two hours in advance, the cabin heater one hour in advance, and the coffee maker 30 minutes prior to takeoff all from the comfort of you home or office.

The app is free from the App Store. The unit itself is $299 and measures a mere 6” x 4” x 2”. It is built for hardy conditions and many flyers from Alaska have integrated the system into their backcountry flying operations.

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Visit Switchbox at http://switchboxcontrol.com