Pave It And They Will Come – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Just south of the EAA Fairgrounds, Fond du Lac Regional Airport just finished up a series of improvements that created shovel-ready plots for new hangar construction. The original plan was scheduled over a three-year timeline but because all the planning and funding were already in place, the entire project was completed over the course of approximately one year.

I spoke with the Fond du Lac Airport Manager, John Wehner, last fall while they were in the middle of the improvement effort. The effort consisted of adding two new airport gates that regulate auto traffic to the GA and corporate hangar areas, the addition of a new cul-de-sac on the airport’s west-side entrance, installation of new and improved taxiways, the preparation of approximately 3 acres of land dedicated for up to five corporate flight facilities, and the grating of land adjacent to existing GA hangars on the south and west ends of the airport.

Southeast GA hangar complex
The existing cluster of GA hangars on the southeast border of the airport received significant improvements to the taxiways. Omnni Associates and R&R Construction facilitated the efforts.
Three acres of land surrounding existing hangar structures were deemed unsuitable many years ago for additional hangar construction. Today, this land has been bolstered with new soils suitable for such structures. The site can support up to five 80 x 90 foot facilities. However, the land can be divided differently if a larger facility is required to meet a company’s design requirements. Currently, plans are under review with a private company to construct the first hangar in this area. – All images courtesy Omnni Associates
The airport is located outside of town and surrounded by county roads where drivers may unknowingly enter the airport operations area. The addition of two new powered-gates will help eliminate occurrences of runway incursions. The addition of a new cul-de-sac gives non-airport auto traffic the opportunity to turn around when inadvertently driving towards the airport.

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  1. Lars
    Found you on the EAA website. Looks like you will be giving talks on Hangar building. I am currently looking at building a new Hangar to accommodate private and commercial aircraft (including my private aircraft) on a field that needs hangar space. This is my first attempt at hangar management other than for myself for my own use. Hope you can help. See you at OSH on the 20th. Need all the ideas planning etc. I can get!


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