HangarStarts – Ram Buildings Finds A Foothold In Flying Cloud

First New Hangars At Flying Cloud Airport Built By Ram BuildingsFlying Cloud Airport (KFCM) just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, has recently completed a series of airport improvements that include lengthening of runways and site development for the construction of over 40 hangars.

Construction on new hangars has already begun with the first wave including a structure supplied by RAM Buildings. It measures 80’ x 80’ x 23’.

Notable attributes include numerous windows measuring 5’ x 2’ that are mounted high on the wall allowing natural light to permeate throughout the hangar. In addition, the hangar was designed to tackle the extreme colds that winters in Minnesota are known to offer. Walls feature R-25 batt insulation and the ceiling features R-40 blown insulation. The entire building is wrapped in Tyvek to reduce air infiltration. Finally, the hangar sports a single-panel hydraulic door measuring 70’ x 22’. The door is also insulated.

Currently, 27 lots are available with the remaining sites being available for construction once the control tower is relocated as line of site with the runway would be obstructed.

Contact Ram Buildings or MSP Metropolitan Airport Commission for more information.