Request For Peer Input On Hangar Home

Genoa Airpark Home ConstructionWe would like to introduce you to Aaron Scicluna. He and his wife, Lindsay, are in the process of designing their new hangar home to be built at the Aero Lake Estates Airpark in Genoa, Illinois. They would like to take the next few seasons to finalize their design and break ground just after the spring thaw in 2015.

Genoa Airport Hangar Home
As published in HangarSphere Magazine

Please recommend your suggestions about any of the following topics…

  • Hydraulic Door versus Bi-fold door
  • Type of heat (radiant floor heat, geothermal, forced air, ceiling mounted radiant heat)
  • Lighting considerations in hangar (LED, Fluorescent, or Induction)
  • Steel hangar or wood hangar
  • Hangar as separate structure or integrated into the house
  • If hangar is separate, how far should it be from the house
  • Optimal placement of hangar floor drains
  • Orientation of home and hangar in relationship to the runway
  • Dimensions of hangar
  • Height of hangar door

Factors to consider

A ranch style home with approximately 3,000 square feet living space on two acres of land is Hangar Floor Coating Arizona Polymer Flooringbeing considered. Aaron telecommutes to work and is planning a dedicated office within the hangar to meet his business needs. The hangar will also be a place where he is planning to build his own aircraft. This was meant as a joke but Aaron paraphrased his wife stating, “If you want me to bring your lunch in the hangar in the winter then the hangar needs to be attached to the house.” Joke or not, one must consider this statement.

Thank you in advance for any comments and advice you area able to contribute. Check back frequently as new posts and articles will be published to the blog and magazine, respectively.

Lars Jensen & Aaron Scicluna

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  1. Been there , did that at Air Troy Estates in East Troy WI. I am available for questions @ 262-542-3649.

  2. Since you are not on a shared ramp, get the most shade from your door and go for hydraulic door. Put private ramp/driveway on south side of lot with hangar door facing due south to maximize winter light. Put windows and pedestrian door in hangar door. Either have hangar house combined or enclosed breezeway between home and hangar. Radiant heat: geothermal will drop long term cost. Heated few feet of ramp adjacent to hangar door to prevent ice/snow buildup. Size at least 60×60 hangar at least 20′ height. Sreel hangar construction. LED lighting to reduce how often you have to change bulbs that are way out of reach.

    1. Thanks Erv! Will pass along your words of advice. If you are at AirVenture, I (the site administrator) will be hosting two workshops on hangar construction. 9am on Monday and Friday.

  3. Aaron and Lindsey,

    Once you’ve completed your overall consideration for your new facility, I’d like to offer our suggestions on lighting. We use both LED as well as Induction light sources and would be happy to assist. All the Best through this process.
    I. Ira Hertz
    VP, Green Energy Solutions, Inc.

    1. Rick,
      I’m sorry you missed the presentations at EAA this year. The sessions were well attended with almost all seats full with people standing in the back. The topic was “Hangar Construction.” It was a very broad topic but was great to refine presentations for years to follow. I discussed benefits of wood and steel, lighting, floor coatings, land lease, regulations, hangar size requirements, door types, budget, limitations, etc. I think next year I will break down the overall topic into something more refined and dedicate full individual sessions for each of the topics listed above. I’ll send you a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation. It just highlights the main speaking points as I elaborated on each point with just plain spoken verbiage. If you see any topics you would like me to elaborate on, just respond to this thread. Thanks again, Lars Jensen.

  4. Rick,
    Sorry for the lack of getting something to you. I’ll find it and save as a pdf and perhaps post on this website. Will let you know when it is up. It’s a very broad presentation as it was the first one we ever did and had no idea as to “who” might show up. Therefore, we painted with a wide brush and touched on everything from hangar doors, land lease, steel vs wood buildings, lighting, floor coatings, fire marshals, etc. Most of the presentation is just bullet points and then I elaborated from there. Next year, I’ll drill down to more topics within hangars and have more sessions. All sessions last summer were well attended with about 60 people per event.

    I completely understand trying to figure out the map. I went the day before to ensure all the presentation hardware and set-up worked. It took me a long time to find the correct building as none of the placards and other signage was up yet.

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