SWA Upgrades MCO Hangar With New Metal Roof Overlay

Hangar-Roof-ReplacementOrlando International Airport – Southwest Airlines re-roofed a 75,000 square foot hangar using several metal construction industry,  veteran-owned companies. 

Commercial Siding & Maintenance (CSM) of Houston, Texas was the contractor, Force Engineering & Testing of Humble, Texas provided engineering services, Roof Hugger, Inc. of Odessa, Florida furnished their factory-notched sub-framing system and McElroy Metals furnished the new metal roof system.

The initial work began in June 2014 when CSM began demolition of structural components on the 30-year old building. This first phase of work was related to the building’s now obsolete use as an aircraft painting hangar.

Insulation under the existing metal roof had to be removed as material was falling onto the aircraft and hangar floor causing potential safety concerns for Southwest Airline workers during maintenance on airplanes. Due to a Southwest mandated Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) plan, a conventional technique of removing the existing roof and replacing it with a new metal roof was not an option and a Metal-over-Metal retrofit was pursued.

Daylight Panels Being Installed On SWA’s MCO Hangar.

“Metal-over-Metal” retrofit roofing typically does not disrupt the building occupants or its operations. Due to the FOD plan, “inside” work had to be conducted when Southwest’s jets were not parked in the hangar so timing of the interior and exterior work was critical to the project. CSM however was able to work on the “exterior” rooftop while 2 to 3 planes were parked inside the hangar.

Hardened roof being installed over existing roof with additional insulation and greater wind resistance.

The effort began in October 2014 and was completed in January 2015. The project components included 75,000 square feet of jobsite roll-formed, 24-gauge, Regal White, Low Gloss McElroy 238T, standing seam metal roofing with R-16 fiberglass insulation installed between the existing roof and the underside of the new metal roof. UL Rated Lightning protection was provided by Independent Protection Company. Palram Polycarbonate Panels provided 4,000 square feet of wall daylighting panels. Roof Hugger furnished 15,950 lineal feet of their 16-gauge, factory-notched Model “D” sub-purlins to nest over the existing 24” trapezoidal standing seam ensuring correct structural attachment for the new metal roof panels. A custom designed and fabricated rooftop walkway by CSM and designed by Force Engineering was also installed.

In addition to the structural modifications, the new metal-over-metal roof system had to be engineered to “harden” the existing roof from its original 100 MPH wind uplift design to the current 136 MPH Florida Building Code (FBC) wind speed.

Finally, the roof was cleared of all unncessary equipment that was related to the hangar’s former role as an aircraft paint facility.

The primary contractors and manufacturers involved in this effort are listed below.

Commercial Siding & Maintenance 800-229-4276 www.commercialsiding.com

Roof Hugger 800-771-1711 www.roofhugger.com

Force Engineering & Testing 281-540-6603 www.forceengineeringtesting.com 

McElroy Metal 800-950-6531 www.mcelroymetal.com

Southwest Airlines 737 Winglet Enroute to MCO
Looking westward over northern Florida en route to Orlando.

Written by Mark James
Imagery Courtesy Roofhugger