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A History Of Poplar Grove Airport

Belvidere Poplar Grove AirportSilence…………………………………………….. nothing but the hum of my Continental O-300 and the wind rushing over my windscreen as the Earth creeps up beneath my feet. Just at that tranquil moment where separation between earth and craft seems infinitesimally close, my ear discerns the whine of the stall horn and the seat of my pants feels the mains start to roll.

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Hangar Heating – Passive Solar Up To 55 Degrees

Hangar Passive Solar HeatingWhile at the EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, I had the opportunity to meet a recently retired American Airlines 777 captain by the name of Bob Moreland.  During our brief introduction, I learned of a unique hangar project he recently completed at the Rockford International Airport (KRFD) in northern Illinois. He was able to share a little information with me at that time but invited me to visit the complex when our schedules allowed. We finally found a common date in late October.  The colder temperatures set the stage for what I was about to witness. Continue reading Hangar Heating – Passive Solar Up To 55 Degrees

Pave It And They Will Come – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Just south of the EAA Fairgrounds, Fond du Lac Regional Airport just finished up a series of improvements that created shovel-ready plots for new hangar construction. The original plan was scheduled over a three-year timeline but because all the planning and funding were already in place, the entire project was completed over the course of approximately one year. Continue reading Pave It And They Will Come – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Hangar Insurance – What to know before the storm

Aircraft-Protection-Thunderstorm-HangarAs you progress through life, your personal wealth increases as does your risk to lose it all. Fortunately, various types of insurance exist to protect your physical and monetary assets. Your insurance portfolio may begin with a small life insurance policy that was purchased for you by a grandparent. As the years tick by, that policy will be joined by auto insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and possibly a complementary spread of other policies designed to protect you, your family, and livelihood. Add an airplane and hangar and perhaps an aircraft service center into the mix and it’s just another layer of the onion you have to manage and protect. Continue reading Hangar Insurance – What to know before the storm

Part I: Aurora State Airport And The K.I.S.S Theory

Hangar-Aurora-State-Airport-Fee-SimpleI’ve learned a lot from my father both personally and professionally. Having retired from UAL in 2002 after 37 years in the cockpit, I continue to enjoy listening to his stories relating to the Golden Age of Aviation, his numerous DC-8 charter flights to Vietnam, oil embargos, deregulation, hostile takeovers, Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers, pilot strikes, and the evolution from three-man cockpits and steam gauges to male/female crews of two and state-of-the-art “glass” avionics. But through all the stories and experiences he continues to share, there is one motif: The K.I.S.S Theory. Continue reading Part I: Aurora State Airport And The K.I.S.S Theory