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Hangar Rash Stories – Avoidable Aircraft Damage

Preflight Inspection Damage Cessna 172Welcome to “HangarRash™” where you can share your most humbling and embarrassing hangar mishaps where you either damaged your plane, hurt yourself, crushed your ego, or done all three simultaneously.

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RampTrack-Reducing Hangar Rash

Protecting Aircraft From Hangar Rash With RampTrackThe war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan has introduced unanticipated tactical challenges. One of the biggest challenges has been to detect and avoid Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Advancements in technology have aided that effort on the front lines and derivatives of that same technology can now be seen protecting aircraft on the ramp and in the hangar from accidental damage while aircraft are under tow or chocked in place (A.K.A. Hangar Rash). Continue reading RampTrack-Reducing Hangar Rash