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Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

One oFully Connected Airpark Homef my favorite things I get to do with HangarSphere is discover. The second home built at Dave LeRoux’s Discovery Trail Farm Airpark could not have lived up to that statement and the name of the airpark any better. After learning all about the airport and the history of the airpark’s development to date, Dave introduced me to Paul and Mary Kuntz. They were the first to purchase a lot and build their version of perfection. The home’s design is key as it takes into account a multitude of design requirements based upon personal style, functionality, structural requirements, orientation of the lot, and even the surrounding fields and mountains in the distance. Continue reading Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

Discovery Trail Farm Airpark – An Olympic Paradigm Shift

Dave LeRoux AirparkEvery airpark is different. Some are in the middle of God’s country where each lot offers ten acres, the perfect blend of deciduous and coniferous trees, and sprawling estates. Others can be found in the middle of an urban jungle where the hangar homes are exquisitely designed into the surrounding canvas of concrete, steel, and glass. And then there’s the concept of “Cluster Developments” which presents a paradigm shift in how an airpark might be developed. Continue reading Discovery Trail Farm Airpark – An Olympic Paradigm Shift

South Africa’s Newest Gem-Fireblade Aviation

I HANGAR  Fireblade Oppenheimer  20140910  Fireblade Oppenheimer  20140910  IMG_2352-2South Africa…

There is something mystical about the nation at the southern tip of the African continent. The colliding currents of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans have provided tumultuous waters for shipping vessels throughout the centuries. Great literary works set in South Africa have captured the spirit of its people, its complex geography, diverse natural resources, its rich wildlife, and its continued political evolution. Today, South Africa’s identity and role within the African continent and global community continues to be written. A major contributor to this trend is the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Continue reading South Africa’s Newest Gem-Fireblade Aviation

A Closer Look At The Engineered Metal Building Industry

Promega-Hangar-Kraemer-BrothersThe engineered metal building industry is large, is complex, involves multi-national corporations, includes small mom and pops, and spans every small, medium, and large company in between. At first glance of the industry, one’s eyes may glaze over as if looking into the cockpit of a 747 for the first time. Even the name of the industry is reason for intimidation as it has morphed from Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PESB), to Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB), and now appears it will settle on a simpler term, Engineered Metal Buildings (EMB). With the name of the industry settled (for now), we are free to gain a closer look and gain a lay understanding of this monolithic industry. Continue reading A Closer Look At The Engineered Metal Building Industry

HangarPad Review: Texas Meets Frank Lloyd Wright

HangarPad Review Frank Lloyd Wright Meets TexasIt’s been a couple years since our visit with Jim and Susie Awalt of Lago Vista, Texas and profiling their hangar home in our HangarPad Review. I readily admit their hangar, with its creature comforts and furnishings, still rates as one of the top hangars HangarSphere has had the privilege to review. We’ve come across another hangar home that matches the same level of thoughtful design, function, and execution and we are pleased to present it here. Continue reading HangarPad Review: Texas Meets Frank Lloyd Wright