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Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

One oFully Connected Airpark Homef my favorite things I get to do with HangarSphere is discover. The second home built at Dave LeRoux’s Discovery Trail Farm Airpark could not have lived up to that statement and the name of the airpark any better. After learning all about the airport and the history of the airpark’s development to date, Dave introduced me to Paul and Mary Kuntz. They were the first to purchase a lot and build their version of perfection. The home’s design is key as it takes into account a multitude of design requirements based upon personal style, functionality, structural requirements, orientation of the lot, and even the surrounding fields and mountains in the distance. Continue reading Paul And Mary’s Version Of Perfection

Airport Fuel Farm: Buying An Asset, Not A Liability

Private Hangar Fuel FarmFuel farms and delivery system infrastructure is the foundation of FBO revenue. In addition, dedicated fuel systems are a growing part of corporate flight departments and multi-unit hangar developments across the country. If you are in a position where you may be purchasing an FBO, corporate flight facility, or hangar development all with some level of fueling infrastructure, then it is up to you to determine the health and inspection status of that system. A faulty or inefficient system can strip you of revenues and even become your greatest liability if not proactively managed. Continue reading Airport Fuel Farm: Buying An Asset, Not A Liability