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Duncan Aviation: A Campus Is Born

Duncan Aviation New Hangar Lincoln NebraskaIt was the summer of 1999 and I was enjoying my new career as a corporate pilot in a Falcon 10. One early summer morning on a red-eye flight from Long Beach, California to the Midwest, the owner of the aircraft tapped us on the shoulder and said, “let’s divert to Lincoln to check the status on our 20.” The Falcon 20 was a new addition to our fleet and was undergoing an upgrade to its engines and interior. Keep in mind, this was a surprise visit to the headquarters of Duncan Aviation at 2:30 in the morning…….They didn’t miss a beat. Continue reading Duncan Aviation: A Campus Is Born

HangarTech – LED Lighting From The Ground Up

Alternative-Hangar-LightingI’ve seen a lot of cool hangars with interesting build-outs that include lofts, bars, Jacuzzis, game rooms, theatres, and even a bowling alley. But I’ve seen nothing done way out of the norm with lighting. The most interesting lighting I’ve seen to date, as far as aesthetics are concerned, is out of southeast Wisconsin at the Sturtevant Airport (C89). A private flying club went all-out and put all sorts of lights in the ceiling. It was well done but still didn’t break the mold. Continue reading HangarTech – LED Lighting From The Ground Up

Product Spotlight: – The Port-A-Cool Hurricane

Evaporate-Coolers-Hangar-Port-A-CoolHangars can be hot places. Even if other service doors or garage doors are open providing a cross flow breeze, there may not be any escape from the heat. In the past, HangarSphere has looked into the benefits of very large, ceiling-mounted fans that help cool the environment in your hangar. The benefits of these fans were obvious but they are not the only option in keeping your workplace cooler during the summer heat. Continue reading Product Spotlight: – The Port-A-Cool Hurricane