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Hangar Heating – Passive Solar Up To 55 Degrees

Hangar Passive Solar HeatingWhile at the EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, I had the opportunity to meet a recently retired American Airlines 777 captain by the name of Bob Moreland.  During our brief introduction, I learned of a unique hangar project he recently completed at the Rockford International Airport (KRFD) in northern Illinois. He was able to share a little information with me at that time but invited me to visit the complex when our schedules allowed. We finally found a common date in late October.  The colder temperatures set the stage for what I was about to witness. Continue reading Hangar Heating – Passive Solar Up To 55 Degrees

HangarTech-Switchbox Dials Up The Heat

Aircraft Remote PreheaterThe original concept and design of the Switchbox came about because pilot Phillip Angert wanted to remotely turn on the aircraft pre-heat system without having to physically arrive at the hangar 2-3 hours prior to take-off just to plug in the plane. A system such as this eliminated just that. The Switchbox is essentially “a smart power outlet” that can receive external commands via cell phone to turn on or turn off any device plugged into the outlet. Continue reading HangarTech-Switchbox Dials Up The Heat

Hangar Heating – Doors Up, Dollars Out!

Steel Hangar Lein ToPre-flighting and climbing into a warm airplane in the dead of winter is a luxury that many hangar owners and renters can only dream about. However, a heated hangar is essential for service center providers, aircraft management companies, and FBOs as their operation would be impossible without it. Regardless of who you are, the cost of keeping your hangar warm 24/7 or just a few days at a time is a cost that must always be in the forethought of your mind. Continue reading Hangar Heating – Doors Up, Dollars Out!