We’ve redesigned our website to help distribute premium content that was found exclusively within the app-based magazine even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet device. Not only will you be able to read past articles, but you will be able to participate in discussions with HangarSphere and other readers to share ideas and experiences regarding your FBO, MRO, Corporate Flight Department, Condo Hangar, and/or T-hangar.

Finally, through our blog, you will receive content that is much more conversational and open to dialogue, receive more compact information, and reveals the day-to-day operations within HangarSphere and the people within.

The magazine will still be the launch tool for new content and we invite to download the app for your tablet device specific to your operating system below. Just tap or click.

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We also invite you to subscribe to our blog and share it’s content all over the web. If you would like us to touch on a certain subject, just contact us by filling out the contact form in the right margin.

Many Thanks,

Lars Jensen, ATP

Founder/CEO/Coffee Maker

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I just discovered your publication/website via the article at Aero News Network, and it’s great!

    However, i am not yet a tablet owner, so i will be reading at a desktop computer.

    Have you considered some kind of subscription setup, so we can get notified when new articles are added? Note i am *not* talking about actually emailing the content, just a plain text email with the article title and a link back to the web site.

    It would also be great if you could enable your app for phone use – yes the text and pix would be small, but it is better than waiting to sit down at my desk.

    Thanks again for a great idea.

    1. Michael,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. During the interview with Jim from Aero News Network I was sweating bullets and their editor said he’d make it look presentable. He did more than I could ask for. Whew!

      Yes and Yes! Please subscribe to the blog on our homepage. Their should be a tab to click on that says “follow.” This should alert you to any new posts. The previous HangarSphere website was junk and I literally pulled the plug. I reintroduced it about a month ago as a WordPress-based blog. I will be taking two years of editorial content and releasing it via the blog over the coming months. The editorial will be catagorized by issue as well as by subject matter. It is far more efficient than our old site. The tablet publication is still the place where “new” content will be distributed first but then that content will be released via the blog in the weeks that follow.

      The second “Yes” is for an iPhone and Android phone version of HangarSphere Magazine. Obviously the layout of the tablet version would not be maximized on the smaller screen so we have totally redefined the format with a standardized presentation for all articles. Yes, it will not be as visually appealing as the tablet but the content will still be there which is most important.

      Please pass the word and invite others to “Follow” the blog. (BTW – I will recheck my blog subscription plugin to make sure it is easily discernible on the homepage. If you want me to write on any specific subjects, just send me an email “Lars@HangarSphere.com.”)

      Thank you,
      Lars Jensen
      HangarSphere Founder

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